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Cole Wyatt Davis  - CEO

Author and Motivational Speaker 

413 National and International Awards 

Businessman Of The Year Award 

International Man Of The Year Award


  • Children's Special Needs 
  • ​Hospitals 
  • ​Endangered Species
  • Battered Women 
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Education
  • Advance Science
  • No Child Left Behind
  • ​Feed The People 

CI have work on alot of non profit projects and it was a true pleasure  to work with  Cole. Cole is the kindest person and is one sharp guy I have ever met. They are a great couple that love helping people. They helped us build a park for free for kids. 

Larry Schmidt

Portland Oregon 

What can I say. I can say I have never seen anything like him before in my life. Just a wealth of knowledge  and passion off the charts. Our project stalled with attorneys and my friend tells me about Cole. So he calls him and under 72 hours Cole is front me and my friend is introducing me to him. It took him 5 days to solve the problems that a team of attorneys did not. He is the real deal . High Energy- High Impact- Big heart that is who he is to me. I have met thousands of people and never saw that one coming.  

Barry Shadow ,

New York 

Testimonials:  Cole's Impact 

01 January 2013


25 September 2013

5 May 2013

ColeWyatt Davis 

Cole raised money for our childerns hospital for the burn unit. He was awesome We raised so much money we are funded for two years . I can never thank him and Mary enough .

Susan Alike 

Kansas City